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Paul J. Ausbeck Jr. The Piecewise-Constant Image Model. The piecewise-constant image model (PWC) is a new technique for lossless compression of palette images. PWC is a blend of traditional scanline oriented and newer object based methods. Remarkably, PWC delivers the best known compression across a wide variety palette image types while delivering translation speeds comparable to highly tuned one dimensional methods.
Источник: Proceedings of the IEEE, Vol. 88, No. 11, November 2000, pp. 1779-1789.
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V. Ratnakar RAPP: Lossless Image Compression with Runs of Adaptive Pixel Patterns. We propose a lossless compression technique specifically designed for palettized synthetic images. The proposed algorithm uses patterns of neighborhood pixels to predict and code each pixel.
Источник: 32nd Asilomar Conference on Signals, Systems and Computers, Nov. 1998
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Paul J. Ausbeck Jr. The Skip-Innovation Model for Sparse Images On sparse images, contiguous runs of identical symbols often occur in the same coding context. This paper proposes a model for efficiently encoding such runs in a two-dimensional setting. Because it is model based, the method can be used with any coding scheme.
Proceedings of IEEE Data Compression Conference, Snowbird, Utah, March 28-30, 2000.
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S.R.Tate Lossless Compression of Region Edge Maps In this note, we describe a lossless compression technique that has been applied to bitmaps defining regions of images. The results show considerable improvement over previous methods. The basic technique is to use context-based statistical modeling fed into an arithmetic coder.
Duke University Computer Science Technical Report CS-1992-09.
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M.J.Gormish Compression of palettized images by color Palettized or indexed color images are the dominant type of image used on the "information super highway." In spite of this, most image compression algorithms are designed for continuous-tone images. This paper presents a method of losslessly compressing these palettized images, which treats each color independently. This color-plane method provides substantial compression improvement over other known methods for most images.
Источник: International Conference on Image Processing, 1995, Washington D.C.
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B.O.Christiansen, K.E.Schauser, M.Munke Streaming Thin Client Compression. Описание алгоритма сжатия screendumps, во многом похожего на JBIG2.
Источник: Proceedings Data Compression Conference, Snowbird Utah, March 2001.
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J.M.Gilbert, R.W.Brodersen A Lossless 2-D Image Compression Technique for Synthetic Discrete-Tone Images A new image compression technique, Flexible Automatic Block Decomposition (FABD), losslessly compresses typical discrete-tone pseudo-color images 1.5 to 5.5 times more compactly than GIF, and up to twice as compactly as JBIG.
Proceedings of IEEE Data Compression Conference, Snowbird, Utah, March 30, 1998.
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P.Kopylov, P.Franti Context tree compression of multi-component map images We consider compression of multi-component map images by context modeling and arithmetic coding...
Proceedings Data Compression Conference, Snowbird Utah, March 2003.
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B.O.Christiansen, K.E.Schauser Fast Motion Detection for Thin Client Compression In this paper, we present a novel algorithm for detecting block movements in image sequences that is fast enough for interactive logins. We also integrate our algorithm in to TCC, the best previously known codec for thin client computing...
Proceedings Data Compression Conference, Snowbird Utah, March 2003.
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S.Forchhammer and J.M.Salinas Progressive Coding of Palette Images and Digital Maps A 2-D version of PPM (Prediction by Partial Matching) coding is introduced simply by combining a 2-D template with the standard PPM coding scheme. A simple scheme for resolution reduction is given and the 2-D PPM scheme extended to resolution progressive coding by placing pixels in a lower resolution image layer...
Proceedings Data Compression Conference, Snowbird Utah, March 2003.
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