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    AIM OF PROJECT "Everything about the data compression" is creation and provision of
    • maximally full,
    • maximally clear,
    • maximally useful
    data compression resource for everyone.

    The project is non-commercial and is supported by the Computer Graphics and Multimedia Laboratory on the computing mathematics and cybernetics department of MSU (Moscow State University).

Priority directions
    • Server is filled with Russian materials first of all, and materials of Russian authors. Simply because such servers are too little. Moreover, such articles are scattered in many magazines, so it's difficult to get them even if you know where and what to look for.
    • We specially collect materials with serious scientific directivity, which are useful for creating powerful compressors and codecs of state-of-the-art level. Alas! such materials are usually written in English even in those cases when the authors are Russian-speaking.
    • We specially collect and write materials popularly explaining main points of various compression methods functioning. >> Project goal | Contacts | Team | Statistics

Any questions please send us to address

    At present, permanently contribute to project:
  • Dmitriy Vatolin:
       The founder and father of project ;),
       author of algorithms compressing images, video and audio, algorithms of quality estimation and video processing;
  • Maxim Smirnov:
       server editor,
       author of compressor PPMN;
  • Vadim Yoockin:
       manager of "Compressors Comparison Test",
       author of compressor YBS;
  • Eugene Shelwien:
       author of compressors PPMY, ASH and some other interesting algorithms;
  • Dmitry Shkarin:
       author of compressors PPMd, PPMonstr, Durilca, BMF, and many other interesting algorithms and articles;
  • Alexander Ratushnyak:
       manager of ARTest,
       author of archivers ERI, Entropy, PAQAR, MIPS-optimizations of DSP algorithms G723, G726, G729, G711, MP3, V42bis;
  • Serge Osnach:
       author of compressors ENC and EPM.

Responsibility for sections
    Dmitriy Vatolin:
    • section "Video", altogether section "Video" has more than 20 subsections;
    • section "JPEG-2000";
    • section "Fractal image compression";
    • section "Color spaces";
    • HTML of "Data compression methods" book;
    • operations with Ozon;
    • hosting;
    • HTML-design of server;
    • server scripts (updates, announces, statistics, mistakes, search and so on).

    Maxim Smirnov:
    • section /download/ -- root (index);
    • section "Information theory and general data compression questions";
    • section "Universal data compression algorithms: reviews";
    • section "Arithmetic coding";
    • section "Integers coding";
    • section "Context modeling methods (except PPM)";
    • section "Lempel-Ziv (LZ-) methods";
    • section "Huffman coding, Shannon-Fano coding";
    • section "Prediction by Partial Matching (PPM)";
    • section "JPEG";
    • section "Compression with grammatical models";
    • section "Natural language modeling";
    • section "Archives of periodicals";
    • section "Links" (/links/);
    • PDF of "Data compression methods" book;
    • answers to praxis from the "Data compression methods" book;
    • list of misprints in the "Data compression methods" book;
    • forum (answers to questions and other public relation issues).

    Vadim Yoockin:
    • section "Burrows-Wheeler Transform (BWT)";
    • list of modern state-of-the-art compressors;
    • section "Texts compression";
    • section "Executable files compression".

    Eugene Shelwien:
    • archive of Ru.Compress.

    Dmitry Shkarin:
    • section "Lossless image compression: reviews";
    • section "Greyscale image compression";
    • section "Bi-level image compression";
    • section "Palette image compression";
    • section "LOCO and JPEG-LS";

    Alexander Ratushnyak:
    • section "Lossless audio compression";
    • other sections on audio, if they appear.

    Serge Osnach:
    • replenishment of sources (/download/sources/);
    • section "Kolmogorov complexity", if such appears with his help.
Little photo of some of project participants. From left to right: Bulat Ziganshin, Dmitriy Vatolin, Alexander Ratushnyak, Vadim Yoockin, Sergey Kabanov. >> Project goal | Contacts | Team | Statistics Last updated: 12-May-2022

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