AIM OF PROJECT "Everything about the data compression" is creation and provision of maximally full, maximally clear and maximally useful data compression resource for everyone.

Server size: 8069 files, 1215Mb

The most popular areas (English):

  • Video (1900+ files, 280+Mb)
    • Codec comparisons (HEVC, H.264, MPEG-4, MPEG-2, lossless, JPEG-2000, etc.)
    • Reports on S3D movies quality (16 quality metrics, uncluding unique metrics like channel mismatch, temporal shift and stuck-to-background objects detection)
    • Video comparison metrics (all popular formal and visual)
    • Many video filters (in public access and for companies)

The most popular areas (Russian):

Last updated: 12-May-2022
Server size: 8069 files, 1215Mb (Server statistics)

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