MSU Video Quality Measurement Tool (MSU VQMT)

MSU Graphics & Media Lab (Video Group)

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Projects, ideas: Dr. Dmitriy Vatolin
Implementation: Alexey Moskvin, Oleg Petrov, Sergey Putilin, Sergey Grishin, Arsaev Marat, Georgy Osipov

Basic Information About VQMT

What's new in MSU VQMT 12.1 and 13?

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Main MSU VQMT 12.1 and 13 features:

  • VMAF and NIQE implemented on GPU. These metrics now can show about 40 fps on a medium graphical device on FullHD video.
  • Support for AV1 and other modern codecs.
  • New HDR metrics: Delta ICtCp, HDR VQM, HDR PSNR, HDR SSIM
  • Colorspaces and color standards support — ICtCp, Perceptual uniform encoding, CIE LUV, CIE XYZ, and other colorspaces.
  • Running VQMT calculation via configuration JSON file.
  • MSU VQMT Online help.
  • And a lot of other amazing features.

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VQMT 13 visualization example

Brief Description

VQMT New main window features

MSU Video Quality Measurement Tool (VQMT) is a program for objective video quality assessment. It provides functionality for both full-reference (two videos are examined) and no-reference (one video is analyzed) comparisons. Basic scheme of the tool is illustrated on below.

VQMT input and output VQMT input and output
Brief demonstration of modern MSU VQMT interface features

Project leader: Dr. Dmitriy Vatolin

Head of MSU Graphics & Media Lab.

Main Features

Feature FREE version PRO version
Flexible Functionality

The tool provides functionality for calculating:

  • metric values for each frame
  • average value for sequence
  • metric values for specific color component

GPU and other computing devices

The tool supports performing some metrics on CUDA compatible devices (nVIDIA video cards) and all other OpenCL compatible devices (wide set of video cards, CPUs, multicore systems)

HDR metrics
  • Delta ICtCp

Support for 1-16 bit integer files, 16-32 bit floating point files. Support for arbitrary colorspaces and color standards: Rec. 601, Rec. 709, Rec. 2020, CIE, sRGB.

Objective Metrics Support
  • PSNR
  • SSIM (2 variations, GPU, OpenCL support)
  • MS-SSIM (2 variations, GPU, OpenCL support)
  • 3SSIM (GPU, OpenCL support)
  • stSSIM (temporary excluded)
  • VMAF
  • NIQE (no-reference metric)
  • VQM
  • Delta
  • MSAD
  • MSE
  • MSU Blurring Metric
  • MSU Blocking Metric
  • MSU Brightness Flicking Metric – opensource plug-in
  • MSU Brightness Independent PSNR – opensource plug-in
  • MSU Drop Frame Metric – opensource plug-in
  • MSU Noise Estimation Metric
  • MSU Scene Change Detector
Video and Image Formats Support
  • Video files: *.AVI, *.DAT, *.DIVX, *.F4V, *.FLV, *.H265, *.M2TS, *.M2V, *.M4V, *.MKV, *.MOV, *.MP4, *.MPG, *.MTS, *.MXF, *.OGM, *.OGV, *.QT, *.TS, *.VOB, *.WMV, *.265, *.3G2, *.3GP, *.3GPP and others
  • AviSynth: *.AVS
  • RAW files: *.YUV (scientific), *.Y4M
  • Image files and image sequences: *.BMP, *.CUT, *.DDS, *.EXR, *.G3, *.GIF, *.HDR, *.ICO, *.IFF, *.LBM, *.J2K, *.J2C, *.JNG, *.JP2, *.JPG, *.JIF, *.JPEG, *.JPE, *.JXR, *.WDP, *.HDP, *.MNG, *.PCD, *.PCX, *.PCT, *.PICT, *.PIC, *.PNG, *.PBM, *.PGM, *.PPM, *.PSD, *.RAS, *.SGI, *.RGB, *.RGBA, *.BW, *.TGA, *.TARGA, *.TIF, *.TIFF, *.WAP, *.WBMP, *.WBM, *.WEBP, *.XBM, *.XPM
ROI Support (via masking)

Allows to calculate metrics in Regions of Interest (ROI). ROI should be specified by additonal provided video with mask for each frame.

Metrics Visualization

Video visualization file is generated for combination [metric, color component, reference]. Color and luminance of each pixel in visuzalization video is defined by metric value in that pixel (very useful for codec and filter debugging).

Results in CSV format

Metrics results and average values are saved in set of *.CSV (comma-separated values) file which can be opened everywhere.

Results in JSON format

All metric results and information about file opening are saved in single JSON file or stdout of command line utility.

Usage in companies

Free version license agreement allows only personal usage.

Comparative Analysis

Multiple references can be compared against the original simultaneously.

2 refs Unlim*
Professional Bit Depth Support

(over 8 bits per color component)

  • HDR video with 10, 12, 14, 16-bit RGB or YUV
  • Raw files with 9-16 bps or float samples
  • TIFF files with 1-16-bit integers or 32-bit floats
  • Whole set of PXM (PBM, PGM and PPM)
  • Batch Processing

    VQMT provides GUI and command-line (CL) interfaces. It is possible using CL-tool to calculate several metrics for a given set of color components simultaneously and for more files (in parallel), thus achieving significant speed advantage comparing to case of using GUI tool.

    Over HD Support

    Processing of video with resolution equal or higher than 1280x720: HD, FullHD, 4K, 8K video.

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    multiple references allowed in command line interface

    Our plans

    • Planned features
      Offer feature
      Stream support
      Allows VQMT read and estimate the quality of streamed video
      Frame matching
      Detect shift-type mismatch between frames and automatically resolve it
      Geometry matching
      Detect geometry mismatches and automatically resolve it
      BD-rate calculation, measure schedule
      Scheduling great amount of measurements and instruments to parse results
      Human visual attention aware metrics
      Weighted measure with bigger weight for more salient regions
      Python wrap
      Simple Python interface to run VQMT and achieve results indirectly from Python code
    • In the next version
      New metrics
      Metrics planned: ME TI, Google SI, Google TI, ML Blurring, ML Blocking, ML Noise
      Saving result history
      Don't delete computed results on VQMT close. Reopen previous results
      Huge files supports
      Support for files with up to 1 million frames
      VMAF NEG and integer models
      VMAF no enhancement gain and fast integer models support
      Fastest Fast SSIM
      Increasing speed of SSIM Fast and MS-SSIM Fast
      Multiple files in GUI
      Comparison of an arbitrary number of files in GUI at once. Now only 2 distorted files is possible to compare with the original (in GUI)

    Comparison with Analogs


    Special thanks to following key contributors:
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    Walt Disney Studios Intel Corporation Skype NASA Nvidia Corporation Apple Inc. Home Box Office, Inc. Microsoft Corporation Olympic Broadcasting Services 20th Century Fox Film Corporation Oracle Corporation Cisco Systems, Inc. Dolby Laboratories, Inc. Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc. Facebook, Inc. RealNetworks, Inc. QuickPlay Media, Inc. MediaTek, Inc. Fox Broadcasting Company NBCUniversal Ericsson Motorola Solutions, Inc. AVerMedia Technologies Inc. AMETEK, Inc. Sorenson Communications InterDigital Intuitive Surgical, Inc. TASER International, Inc. National Teleconsultants LLC Evertz Microsystems Limited Telestream, Inc University of Waterloo Simon Fraser University WrocЕ‚aw University of Technology University of West Bohemia University of Vienna Fraunhofer-Institut fГјr Digitale Medientechnologie IDMT Julius Maximilian University of WГјrzburg Federal University of ParГЎ Hamburg University of Technology Analog Devices, Inc. Extron Electronics Lockheed Martin Exar Chips&Media, Inc. HDLogix, Inc. Comtronic Computer, Inc. Ittiam Systems VISLINK Whitney Medical Solutions Movidius Gaikai iMemories, Inc. Avaya Inc. Snell Ltd CEVA, Inc. Rockwell Collins, Inc. CDNetworks Elemental Technologies, Inc. Luxoft Smith Micro Software, Inc. BroadSoft Sky Deutschland AG Bell Media DirecTV Kaltura Netflix Inc. Vubiquity, Inc Telus Communications Beijing TL-Chinasoft Technology Co., Ltd Veset RGB Networks Burosch Audio-Video-Technik TelefГіnica, S.A. Allegro DVT Octasic Inc. Vlaamse Radio- en Televisieomroeporganisatie
    Walt Disney Studios Home Box Office, Inc. Olympic Broadcasting Services 20th Century Fox Film Corporation Fox Broadcasting Company NBCUniversal
    Hardware & Devices
    Intel Corporation Nvidia Corporation Apple Inc. Cisco Systems, Inc. Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc. Dolby Laboratories, Inc. Ericsson Motorola Solutions, Inc. AMETEK, Inc. Evertz Microsystems Limited Telestream, Inc Analog Devices, Inc. Extron Electronics Lockheed Martin Exar Chips&Media, Inc. HDLogix, Inc. Comtronic Computer, Inc.
    Software & Solutions
    Skype Microsoft Corporation Oracle Corporation Facebook, Inc. QuickPlay Media, Inc. MediaTek, Inc. RealNetworks, Inc. AVerMedia Technologies Inc. Ittiam Systems Elemental Technologies, Inc. Luxoft Smith Micro Software, Inc. BroadSoft
    University of Waterloo Simon Fraser University WrocЕ‚aw University of Technology University of West Bohemia University of Vienna Fraunhofer-Institut fГјr Digitale Medientechnologie IDMT Julius Maximilian University of WГјrzburg Federal University of ParГЎ Hamburg University of Technology
    Television & Media Industry
    Sky Deutschland AG Bell Media DirecTV Kaltura Netflix Inc. Vubiquity, Inc Telus Communications Beijing TL-Chinasoft Technology Co., Ltd Veset RGB Networks Burosch Audio-Video-Technik TelefГіnica, S.A. Allegro DVT Octasic Inc. Vlaamse Radio- en Televisieomroeporganisatie
    Sorenson Communications InterDigital Intuitive Surgical, Inc. TASER International, Inc. National Teleconsultants LLC VISLINK Whitney Medical Solutions Movidius Gaikai iMemories, Inc. Avaya Inc. Snell Ltd CEVA, Inc. Rockwell Collins, Inc. CDNetworks
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    We have testimonials from the following big companies:
    • Analog Devices(
    • Samsung (
    • Intel (
    • Hewlett-Packard (
    • Thomson (
    • Harmonic (
    • Matrox (
    • Zoran (
    • Kodak (
    • Honeywell (
    Small companies:
    • AudioCodecs (
    • Envivio (
    • Ambric Inc (
    • Smart phones (
    • TestPro (
    • Bouygues Telecom (
    • CDRinfo (
    • Infoteck (
    • Cubiworld (
    • INESC Porto (
    And universities:
    • University of Technology Sydney (
    • Fraunhofer (
    • Brunel University (
    • Alpen-Adria University (
    • California State University (
    • Universeit Gent (


    • 13.1May 2021
      • VMAF now supports "No enhancement gain" (NEG) features
      • VMAF calculation on CPU — 1.5 times faster
      • VMAF supports JSON models
      • VMAF legacy mode
      • Optimization of OpenCL metrics: 1-4 times faster than 13.0
      • PIPE mode: read any numbers of inputs from arbitrary commands output
      • Bugfix: settings were not restored
      • Bugfix: rebuilding index each time
      • Bugfix: flood of FFmpeg messages
      • Bugfix: some formats supports
      • Bugfix: temporal metrics in Preview
      • Bugfix: crashes
      • Other bugfixes
    • 13.0 BETAFeb 2021Colorspaces, HDR metrics, AV1
      • Main features:
      • FFmpeg 4 in VQMT - improved navigation and format support
      • Support for AV1
      • NIQE now supports OpenCL (~40 fps on FullHD on tested devices)
      • Native support for EXR files
      • Colorspaces and color standards support in VQMT
      • Visualization pallets and gamma correction
      • Visualization & Preview:
      • Support for 11 pallets for metrics visualization
      • Support gamma correction for metrics visualization
      • Turning visualization parameters right in Preview window
      • New visualization formats: PNG, JPEG, BMP, fixed H264
      • Visualization video will be saved with correct FPS
      • Preview by channel, any colorspace
      • Separate colorspace setup for render and values
      • Colorspaces:
      • Fixed L-LUV metrics
      • Conversion between different colorspaces and models
      • Support for CIE XYZ, CIR LUV, ICtCp, LMS, Perceptual uniform encoding
      • Manually specifying input file colorspace and automatic detection
      • Manually specifying sample range for floating-point input files
      • Setting of display maximum luminance, that affects GDR-metrics calculation
      • New metrics:
      • HDR VQM
      • HDR PSNR
      • HDR SSIM
      • HDR MS-SSIM
      • Delta ICtCp
      • Other:
      • Using arbitrary external codec as input
      • VQMT don't save the index to the input file folder anymore
      • Different verbosity levels
      • Setting implicit output CSV file path
      • New command line arguments: -cs, -csv-default-file, -csv-file, -display-luminance, -float-range, -vis-colormap, -vis-gamma
      • Bugfixes in online metrics and online visualization
      • Oher bugfixes
      • Known issues:
      • Speed of SSIM metrics on OpenCL could be slower
      • Results after RGB → YUV conversion may differ from VQMT 12 ones
      • Meaning of L-LUV channel changed, results for L colorspace will differ from VQMT 12 ones
    • 12.1Feb 2021VMAF on OpenCL, Non-binary masks
      • Main features:
      • VMAF now supports OpenCL (~40 fps on FullHD on tested devices)
      • VQMT now can be configured with JSON-file instead of command line
      • Online help for VQMT
      • Support for non-binary masks
      • Masks:
      • Mask-support fixed and refactored
      • Support the simple setting of rectangular masks
      • Native mask support in some metrics (PSNR, Delta, MSE, MSAD, SSIM-Fast, SSIM-Precise, SSIM-OpenCL, MSSSIM-Precise, VMAF, VMAF-OpenCL, NIQE)
      • Mask logging
      • Performance:
      • "Lazy" metrics' loading, VQMT initialization speedup.
      • New metrics:
      • Timeshift
      • Visualization in metrics:
      • TI
      • VMAF
      • Other:
      • JSON-configuration from STDIN and command line
      • Fixed AviSynth on Windows
      • Other bugfixes
    • 12.0 BETA r12434Jan 2020
      • VMAF freezing on platforms with a big amount of logic units
      • VMAF wrong results on platforms with a big amount of logic units if run for multiple files at once
      • Freezes of Preview window in some cases
      • Crashes in the case of unaligned subsampled picture type (i. e. odd yuv420)
      • AviSynth and AVIFile support fixed (Windows)
      • Mask support fixed
      • JSON fixes - removed trailing None in legacy mode
      • CUDA error correct handling
      • Newer OpenCL driver
      • Saving properties of the Result window
    • 12.0 BETA Nov 2019Online metrics, acceleration
      • Online metric calculation
      • Visualization for specific frames
      • Computed metric values in Preview
      • VQMT will not stop if some files, but not all, are done
      • Improved multi-core support - acceleration up to 3 times
      • Automatic color selection in command line possible
      • Color specification in command line changed
      • Now colors named by single letter, i. e. Y instead if YYUV
      • PSNR metric now supports single value for RGB and YUV
      • Single PSNR metric instead of 4
      • Processing of multiple colors simultaneously possible in GUI
      • Preview window: zoom
      • Preview window: timestamp & frame
      • Preview window: no freezing when changing frame
      • Preview window: pixel indicator & pixel information
      • Preview window: individual pixel values
      • Preview window: clickable miniview
      • Preview window: hotkeys improved
      • Preview window: vertical comparison mode
      • Preview window: slider mode
      • Preview window: information in fullscreen mode
      • NIQE: visualization
      • NIQE will output common mean and NIQE mean as separate accumulated values
      • More average values: statistical data, specific metric values
      • New JSON format: column-vise JSON values
      • Bitrates in JSON
      • New CSV format
      • Legacy mode to bring VQMT closer to VQMT 11
      • Subsampling mode: skipping frames to improve performance
      • Performance settings in GUI, new performance setting ‐ metric parallelism
      • Sample conversion setting
      • More RGB ↔ YUV tables
      • Changed value range in the following metrics: Delta, MSE, MSAD
      • Option "-subsampling" renamed to "-no-upscale-uv"
      • Considerably improved precision for SSIM Fast and MSSSIM fast metrics
      • Corrected precision in SSIM-CUDA, SSIM-OpenCL, Blocking
      • Some metrics optimized
      • VQMT internally optimized
      • Results plot window optimized
      • Completely refreshed VQMT log output
      • Information in console window: FPS, estimated time, etc.
      • Average values in console output
      • Additional information in log: average FPS, exit status, etc
      • More accurate FPS during calculation
      • Consider correct sample range in all metrics
      • New bad frames features
    • 11.2 Nov 2019
      • CentOs Linux now is supported
      • Added FFmpeg scaling algorithms
      • Fixed PSNR average value
      • Fixed OpenCL metrics (SSIM, 3SSIM, MSSSIM)
      • Fixed incorrect values in bi_psnr metric
      • Fixed BFM metric
      • Fixed NIQE metric
      • 3SSIM-CUDA bug fixed
      • Error reporting in CUDA metrics, accuracity in CUDA metric fixed for compatibility with OpenCL, GPU_Id metrics
      • CSV fixes - correct escaping, line endings
      • RGB48 pixel format support fix
      • Other bugfixes
    • 11.1 May 2019Geometry correction
      • Comparison on different resolution (geometry correction)
      • New metrics (SI, TI)
      • Saving bitrates
      • And bugfixes
    • 11.0 Feb 20191400+ raw formats, wider HDR
      • Support for 1400+ new RAW formats
      • Support for standard names for RAW formats
      • Support new RGB ↔ YUV tables
      • Support HDR videos and more HDR image formats: 3 more times video formats now can be lossless
      • Result table with metric values inside VQMT
      • Automatic command-line generation from GUI
      • Plot of bitrate
      • Actual VMAF support: modern models, 4k models, confidence intervals
      • New blurring metric
      • New Noise Estimation metric
      • Linux command line considerably improved
      • Better performance on some cases
      • New quality control standards
      • Measurement on subsampled U and V
      • Latest CUDA engine
      • And bugfixes
      • Only x64-bit edition from this version
    • 10.2 Feb 2019
      • PREMIUM licensing introduced
      • And bugfixes
    • 10.1 Apr 2018New metrics: VMAF, NIQE
      • Support of perspective and modern VMAF metric. Many settings guarantee full metric support.
      • Now it's possible to determine quality even without a reference via new NIQE metric.
      • Improved usability: Drag & Drop files and changing of file order by single click.
      • The -stdin parameter allows you to transmit data directly from the output of another program, such as FFmpeg, without saving multi-gigabyte files. Acceleration and simplification (PRO and DEMO only)
      • New formats with support for HDR: extended support for TIFF and PXM family. (HDR only in PRO and DEMO)
      • Better usability of command line - a lot of improvements while maintaining full backward compatibility (PRO and DEMO only)
      • Built-in profiler. It will show which operations take the most time and allow you to accurately measure the performance of VQMT (PRO and DEMO only)
      • Better JSON output
      • TIFF as format for bad frames
      • More functions in Linux version: more metrics, plug-ins support, OpenCL support (PRO and DEMO only)
      • And bugfixes
      • Now we recommend specifying original input using new key '-orig' instead of traditional '-in'
    • 10.0 BETA Apr 2017New main window, Linux support
      • New look of main window
      • Saving and loading VQMT projects
      • Status bar with diagnostic in main window
      • Report generation
      • Saving result plot in arbitrary image formats
      • New clear VQMT folder structure
      • Improved using vqmt console in PRO version
      • Command line Linux utility
    • 9.1 Apr 2017
      • Fixed incorrect results while using second processed video
      • Added legend to result plot
      • Saving log from GUI
      • Fixed copying plot to clipboard
      • Using *.YUV bug fixed: first frame could be duplicated
      • Improved h265 support
      • Index file building bug fixed
    • Version 9.0 BETA Dec 2016New result window
      • New look of result window
      • Using interface while calculation is processing and while viewing results
      • Viewing multiple results at the same time
      • Switch between calculation log and results plot
      • Extended information about progress: count of processed frames, FPS, elapsed time, estimated time
      • Pretty and configurable result plot
      • Saving CSV after calculation finished
      • Saving JSON result file in GUI
      • Saving results' plot as SVG file
    • Version 8.1 Nov 2016
      • Added checking for updates.
      • Using single image as source do not truncate all other inputs to one frame.
      • Fixed crashes when use plug-in metric.
      • Improved video previewing, fixed opening visualization video inside VQMT.
      • Fixed possible incorrect negative PSNR.
      • Fixed mask behavior.
      • Recognize patterns 720p etc. in the name of RAW file to detect resolution automatically.
      • Hotkeys in Preview and Fullscreen window considerably improved.
      • Allow to change video source and frame inside Fullscreen window.
      • Bugfixes in Preview window performed.
      • Fixed green frame in some types of file, incorrect reading of some color spaces.
    • Version 8.0 BETA Oct 2016Preview window
      • Added new visualization methods: Lossless Video, Lossy Video and TIFF files.
      • Preview window replaced.
      • Full-screen preview, display selection.
      • Side-by-side preview.
      • Inspecting visualization inside VQMT.
    • Version 7.1 Oct 2016
      • Crashes fixed.
      • Improved command line output in PRO version.
      • Preview display fix.
      • Seeking and offsetting YUV files fixed.
    • Version 7.0 BETA Jun 2016OpenCL support, Metrics reorganized
      • Added support for OpenCL device interface. Efficient calculation on different devices.
      • Speedup of PSNR and SSIM metrics.
      • Similar metrics joined.
    • Version 6.2 Jun 2016JSON support
      • Added support for JSON output in console.
      • Incorrect results with RGB metric on RGB video fixed.
    • Version 6.1 BETA Apr 2016
      • Fixed bug: hangs in console while using files in network directories.
      • Fixed incorrect behavior of .Y4M files in GUI.
      • Fixed crashes when the length of all files was not able to be detected."
    • Version 6.0 BETA Mar 2016Acceleration
      • VQMT became about 3 times faster.
      • 16 and 32 bpp floating point TIFF files supported (PRO version).
      • Added "-threads" command line argument to PRO version, which allows to control CPU usage.
      • Advanced mask processing - allowed shifts from exact black color for indication black area.
      • Fixed crashes and incorrect results while using mask.
    • Version 5.2 Apr 2016
      • Fixed bug: hangs in console while using files in network directories.
      • Files incorrect behaviour of .Y4M files in GUI."
    • Version 5.1 Mar 2016Ranges and offsets support
      • Support comparing ranges of input videos.
      • Fixed crashed while using YUV files with more than 8bpp.
      • Corrected RGB <-> YUV conversion procedures.
      • Fixed incorrect transformation for some input formats.
      • 10, 14 and 16 bpp RGB format plain order changed to R, G, B.
    • Version 5.0 BETA Sep 2015Open wizard, Command line refactor
      • Added Open File Wizard to help with opening and previewing files;
      • Use wizard or file picker for selection of input file;
      • Wizard supports drag&drop mechanism;
      • Now user can select mode for opening file (FFmpeg, AviFile, automatic AviSynth, RAW file, image or image sequence and others);
      • Special mode to compare the results of opening file using different modes;
      • Automatic selection of the best open mode for specified file;
      • More settings for opening process customization;
      • Added automatic generation of video index file that helps file to be opened and correctly previewed;
      • Number of supported codecs available for opening and previewing increased (supported for new versions of video codecs);
      • Added support for images as input files: *.jpg, *.png, *.tif, more formats of *.bmp and many others;
      • Added support for using image sequences as input video, automatic detection of sequence;
      • Previewing raw files (*.yuv, etc.) "on the fly";
      • Detection of resolution of raw files from file name;
      • PRO version console interface is more user friendly with full compatibility to previous version;
    • Version 4.4 Sep 2015GPU support improved
      • Number of files available for metric calculation increased;
      • The number of supported devices for running CUDA metrics increased;
      • Unable to run metric for single file bug fixed;
      • Unable to view results if some minor error occurred bug fixed;
      • CUDA metrics crash fixed;
    • Version 4.3 BETA May 2015
      • Number of files available for metric calculation increased. Now metric can be calculated for the files that not available for preview;
      • Speed up of file opening in metric calculation process for some types of files;
      • Standard VQMT plug-ins is now supported;
      • Memory leak fixed in VQMT.
    • Version 4.2 BETA Apr 2015
      • Added native support for *.mkv, *.flv and some other containers and codecs;
      • Stability fixes.
    • Version 4.1 BETA Mar 2015Native reading video files via FFmpeg
      • Added FFmpeg file reading support, the number of supported formats greatly increased. Using AviSynth is not recommended;
      • Fixed x64 version crashed;
      • Stability fixes.
    • Version 3.2 Feb 2015AviSynth support improved
      • Existence of AviSynth determining fixed;
      • AviSynth for VQMT as standalone installer;
      • AviSynth plug-in opening fixed;
      • Fixed unsuccessful file opening in AviSynth mode;
      • AviSynth mode now supported in console;
      • All dependencies now are immediately in installer, no more redistributable packages needed;
      • Main menu and desktop labels fixed to determine Pro, Free and Pro Demo license;
      • Executable file metadata errors fixed;
      • Cosmetic fixed in Interface and file naming: revision number added to version naming;
      • Fixed crashes in 64-bit version on multiple platforms;
      • Fixed crashes and hangs after: the press of Process button, viewing of analyses result, other events.
    • Version 3.1 Nov 2012
      • Changed to CUDA 5.0 toolkit, added Kepler support (Compute Capability 3.0)
      • Stability fixes
      • Fixed major bug with masking
    • Version 3.0 Jun 2011GPU support, 64-bit version
      • Added stSSIM metric
      • Added ".y4m" raw video internal support
      • Added Autoupdate feature for free version (our PRO customers receive updates automatically)
      • Added GPU realization for SSIM-based metrics (SSIM, 3-SSIM, MS-SSIM. Requires CUDA-capable device. See metrics info page for additional info)
      • Added subjective comparison for the most popular metrics (see metrics info)
      • Added 64-bit version of MSU VQMT (up to 10% speedup)
      • Program crashes due memory lack when -metr ALL specified with large (i.e. 1280x720) video frames.
    • Version 2.7.3 Oct 2010
      • Fixed bug with MSSIM metric causing source frame change
      • Fixed some metrics inaccuracy causing different metric values by enabling\disabling visualization
      • Program crashes due memory lack when -metr ALL specified with large (i.e. 1280x720) video frames
    • Version 2.7.2 Aug 2010
      • Fixed bug causing incorrect metric values, when using 3SSIM and MSSSIM simultaneously
      • Fixed bug causing incorrect PSNR metric values in CSV files
      • Fixed bug causing no metric calculation for large (>4gb) files
      • Not existing directory specified in "-cod" parameter will be created now and processing will not cancel.
      • Program crashes due memory lack when -metr ALL specified with large (i.e. 1280x720) video frames
    • Version 2.7.1 Jun 2010
      • Fixed bug in CVS file generation. Sometimes first frame metric value was empty
      • Fixed bug causing incorrect MSE metric values after calculating SSIM metric
    • Version 2.7 May 2010MSSSIM, 3SSIM metrics added
      • MSSSIM (fast and precise) metric implemented
      • 3SSIM metric implemented
      • Fixed bug in calculation of VQM metric under Windows 7
      • Fixed bug during program launch on some machines
    • Version 2.6 Jan 2010Windows Vista & Windows 7 support
      • Fixed bug in Scene Change Detection plug-in when working under Windows Vista or Windows 7
      • Fixed bug in saving visualization video when running on Windows Vista or Windows 7
      • Fixed dependency with vcomp.dll
    • Version 2.5 Nov 2009
      • Video with any resolution is now supported by all metrics. Video with resolution which is not appropriate for some metric is now expanded (via data duplication, separately for each metric) to make resolution acceptable
      • 1.95 times speed up of command line tool multiple metrics calculation on average (PRO version only)
      • YUV files with size more than 2Gb are supported now
      • Output directory for *.CSV and visualization files is automatically set to folder of last specified reference file
      • Fixed bug in processing of *.YUV files with non-standard resolution
      • Fixed bug in loading the mask from *.YUV files
      • Fixed bug in masking of L (LUV colorspace) component
      • Fixed bug in processing of non-standard resolution *.AVS files
      • Fixed bug in calculation of SSIM (precise) for second reference file
      • Fixed bug in conversion from RGB32 to YUV color spaces for video with non-standard resolutions (affects calculation of metric for *.AVI files)
    • Version 2.01 beta Apr 2009Masking added
      • 1.5 times speed up of command line tool multiple metrics calculation on average (PRO version only)
      • Masking is added
      • Fixed bug in 4:2:2 raw files with more than 8 bits per component support
    • Version 2.0 beta Mar 2009HDTV support, Deep RAW files
      • *.MOV, *.VOB, *.WMV, *.MP4, *.MPG, *.MKV, *.FLV formats support simplified
      • HDTV support (PRO version only)
      • Raw files with more than 8 bits color depth per component are supported (PRO version only)
      • Alternative SSIM and PSNR are added for compatibility with other implementations
      • New version of *.CSV files with average metric values (PRO version only)
      • Minor acceleration
      • Preview buttons are added
      • Options save is improved
      • All MSU plug-ins are renamed (names are now more correct in GUI and simpler to call from PRO console)
      • MSU Noise Estimation plug-in bug with incorrect (identical) values for some videos is fixed
      • MSU Noise Estimation and MSU BI-PSNR plug-ins provide correct information about their home pages now
      • MSU BI-PSNR plug-in crash during visualizing a metric for video sequences with dimensions less than 255 is fixed
    • Version 1.52
      • Error in saving CSV file for comparative analysis is fixed
    • Version 1.51
      • Error at the opening YUV-files is fixed
    • Version 1.5
      • Set of interface fixes
    • Version 1.4
      • Bugfixing in BMP processing (visualization saving, etc)
    • Version 1.3
      • Bug with YV12 yuv files fixed
    • Version 1.2
      • Now it is possible to compress visualization
      • Plug-in mechanism released
      • Problem with some DV codecs
    • Version 1.0
      • More YUV file types are supported, including YV12, YUY2, YUV
      • Supports unicode
      • Visualization dialog was extensively reworked
      • Interface is more user-friendly
    • Version 0.81
      • New AVI Reading system (support large AVI Files, VP 70)
      • Bugfixing in final dialog
    • Version 0.8
      • New dialog with visualization of the comparison and for comparison of the selected frames added.
    • Version 0.75
      • Improved codecs support (x264)
      • Now data from YUV-AVI files is extracted without conversion
      • Bugfixing: #NAN in VQM calculation, calculation of RGB-metrics for YUV-files
      • MSU Blocking Measure changed
    • Version 0.74
      • MSE, MSAD metrics added
      • Saving of mean value of the metric added
      • Improved codecs support (DivX3, WMV, mjpeg2000)
      • Delta metric was changed
      • Bugfixing (AviSynth - wrong result for comparison of three files)
    • Version 0.73
      • All colorspaces from AviSynth are supported
      • I420 (IYUV) support added
      • XviD and B-frames support added
      • Bugfixing (YUV-files, SSIM)
    • Version 0.72
      • AVS Support added
      • Bugfixing
      • Doesn't work with XVID
    • Version 0.71
      • First public beta

    MSU Video Quality Measurement Tools


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