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Все о сжатии / arctest. Авторский проект.



UltraCompressor from AIPNL (Ad Infinitum Programs) is an archiver. An archiver is a file handling and compression utility. It will make most of your files significantly smaller and it can keep related files together. When you need the files, you can decompress them with the same UC2 utility. UC2 is very easy to use, thanks to its simple user interface and has support for all archiving needs.

An archive behaves just like a floppy disk. It has a directory structure, you can copy from the archive with extraction and copy to the archive by adding. It is also possible to delete files from the archive.

UC2 can also make such an archive DAMAGE PROTECTED (tm), so ALL files in the archive are safe, even if there are disk errors (within reasonable limits).

With UC2 an archive can contain multiple versions of the same file.

Better compression

Up to 72% better compression than competing software.


Compression is fast and configurable to favor compression speed or archive size. Extraction is very fast. UC2 is also very fast when it UPDATES an archive, even if this archive is large, stored on a network server or stored on a slow (floppy) disk.


Archives can optionally be protected against damage, allowing them to recover from most disk-errors without any loss of data. UC2 always works 'transaction oriented' allowing recovery from most crashes without any loss of data. It has optional double-verification, preventing data loss in case of hardware or software problems.

Powerful command line

Straightforward, yet powerful command line. If UC2 can figure it out, you don't have to specify it. The manual contains 4 separate sections on the command line to make sure you get only the information relevant for what you want.

Easy to use graphical user interface

Good looking, general purpose, graphical shell. VU is highly configurable allowing you to tailor it to your personal taste.

Integrated help

UC2 has integrated help (with search) and an, easy to use, integrated configuration tool. Only a few commands are needed to manage archives with UC. UC can automatically deal with ARC, ARJ, LZH, ZIP, etc. archives as if they are UC archives.

Highly configurable

Many operation details can be configured by built in configuration tools and/or by directly changing the readable AIP-NL.INI file.

Ultra-fast self extracting archives

Self extracting archives can span multiple diskettes. Their operation is fully configurable. They work up to 3 times faster than competing self extractors.

Full support of Windows 95 long file/directory names. Both UC and VU properly store, restore and preserve Windows 95 long file/directory names.

Full support of OS/2 2.x extended attributes. OS/2 2.x extended attributes (such as icons, WPS long icon names, WordPerfect 5.2 for OS/2 summary information, etc.) can be kept in an archive. They are managed automatically.


Advanced version management

Multiple versions of file collections (projects) can be managed with the included 'Version Manager' (VM) tool. VM supports project level version labelling. Also included is UDIFF, an 'unlimited pass' tool to compare text files.


A 'script' file can contain a large list of files (e.g. to be compressed). A script file can also be used as a substitute for multiple (complex) commands. Scripts can be nested, to allow the construction of 'building blocks'. Scripts can be very long (multi-megabyte). (See chapter 4 paragraph F 'scripts'.)

Capable of heavy duty tasks
    There is almost no limit to the number of files in an archive or to the number of files processed in a single command. Where some other programs get into trouble with more than 10,000 files, UC2 can easily handle a much larger number of files. Even a simple PC-XT can (given time) handle this workload.

Error handling and logging

UC2 has advanced error handling and logging. This is especially important when large collections of files are archived from shared (network) disks. In almost all cases UC2 allows you to solve severe problems and enables you to continue the operation.

Private compression profiles

This feature allows you to use UC2 as an optimized special purpose compressor for a specific kind of data (e.g. text files in a specific language).

State of the art encryption

UltraCrypt can protect your data with heavy duty enhanced triple DES (Digital Encryption Standard) encryption. Faster encryption is included as well.

State of the art authenticity verification

UltraSeal and UltraSafe can help you protect your data against undetected changes (e.g. virus infections or data falsifications). They do not use 'security by obscurity', but they use digital signatures based on Lucas functions.


File version management

Multiple versions of a file (e.g. the MAY 2 21:33:18 and the MAY 3 02:17:22 version) can be kept in an archive. UC2 version management is very simple to use.

Advanced version management

Multiple versions of file collections (projects) can be managed with the included 'Version Manager' (VM) tool. VM supports project level version labelling. Also included is UDIFF, an 'unlimited pass' tool to compare text files.

Very fast updates

UC2 is very fast in updating large archives while maintaining superior compression and reliability. No complex commands or options are needed for this.

Simple path management

With UC2 it is very easy to copy any set of files from anywhere on disk to anywhere in the archive and vice versa.

Filter on file contents

Define a search string and only files containing this string will be printed, listed, extracted, added, etc.

Filter on anything else

Filter on date/time, attributes, if a file is newer, query for each file, etc.

Compress dos executables

UCEXE can make DOS executables MUCH smaller, while they remain working. On top of that UCEXE compressed executables check their own integrity.


Multimedia banners

UC2 allows you to add multimedia banners (text, graphics, sound and music) to an archive, or to a collection of archives.

Easy conversion combined with virus scanning

UC2 can convert collections of archives of almost any kind with just one simple command. If preferred, UC2 will scan archive contents for viruses during conversion.

Get rid of viruses forever

The industrial strength authenticity verification software can help you to get rid of viruses forever by protecting archives against unauthorized changes.

Needs only 32kb free memory to run

UC2 can be used together with other large programs, perfect for mailers and other (large) programs that need to call UC2.

Time stamp

Time stamp (collections of) archives with the date/time of their newest file.

Private compression profiles

This feature allows you to use UC2 as an optimized special purpose compressor for a specific kind of data (e.g. email).

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