Re: ???????????, Deep Shallow ?? ?????... :((

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02 сентября 2004 года в 00:41:29

В ответ на : Оказывается, Deep Shallow не рулит... :(( от captain cobalt в 21 июля 2004 года в 14:15:31:

Need to hire a cracker?

My wife and I shared a hotmail
account. She left without word and I
can no longer access.

The account was always sighned on,
I never knew the password or what
info she used when we originall got
it. At the time she was the computer
person in the family.
Anyway I have tried via MSN to get
password but I have had no luck.
She may have used an old address
or obscure question from our past.
She left and moved back to Italy, I
have no way of contacting her and I
have several emails that might be
important for business on this
shared account.

Can you crack a hotmail password
for a price?

Thank you.



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