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Атаманюк А.В., Балакин В.В., Мясников М.И., Устинов В.В. Препроцессинг 32-битных программ Джентельменский набор приемов для улучшения сжатия исполнимых модулей.
Новосибирский Государственный Технический Университет. Институт Социальной Реабилитации. Июнь 2003.
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Drinic M., Kirovski D. PPMexe: PPM for Compressing Software ...In this paper, we present PPMexe - a set of compression mechanisms for executables that explores their syntax and semantics to achieve superior compression rates. The fundament of PPMexe is the generic paradigm of prediction by partial matching (PPM). We combine PPM with two pre-processing steps: instruction rescheduling to improve prediction rates and partitioning of a program binary into streams with high auto-correlation... PPMexe was implemented for x86 binaries and tested on several large Microsoft applications. Binaries compressed using PPMexe were 16-23% smaller than files created using PPMD, the best available compressor.
Proceedings of the 2002 IEEE Data Compression Conference, Snowbird, Utah, April 2002.
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Drinic M., Kirovski D., Hoi Vo Code Optimization for Code Compression ...In this paper, we present two novel pre-processing steps for code compression that explore program binaries' syntax and semantics to achieve superior compression ratios. The first preprocessing step involves heuristic partitioning of a program binary into streams with high auto-correlation. The second preprocessing step uses code optimization via instruction rescheduling in order to improve prediction probabilities for a given compression engine. Binaries compressed using our compression codec are 18-24% smaller than those compressed using the best available off-the-shelf compressor.
International Symposium on Code Generation and Optimization, March 2003.
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Fraser C. Automatic Inference of Models for Statistical Code Compression This paper describes experiments that apply machine learning to compress computer programs, formalizing and automating decisions about instruction encoding that have traditionally been made by humans in a more ad hoc manner. A program accepts a large training set of program material in a conventional compiler intermediate representation (IR) and automatically infers a decision tree that separates IR code into streams that compress much better than the undifferentiated whole...
Programming Languages Design and Implementation, pp.242–246, 1999.
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Ernst J., Evans W., Fraser C., Lucco S., Proebsting T. Code Compression This paper describes:
- Measurements that show how code compression can save space and total time in some important real-world scenarios.
- A compressed executable representation that is roughly the same size as gzipped x86 programs and can be interpreted without decompression...
- A compressed “wire” representation that must be decompressed before execution but is, for example, roughly 21% the size of SPARC code when compressing gcc.
Proceedings of ACM SIGPLAN 1997 Conference on Programming Language Design and Implementation, pp. 358--365, 1997.
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Microsoft Corporation Microsoft LZX Data Compression Format Описание формата LZX (файлы CABinet). В числе прочего имеется оригинальное описание преобразования относительных адресов в абсолютные для команды CALL процессоров Intel x86.
Microsoft Corporation, 1997.
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Lefurgy C.R. Efficient Execution of Compressed Programs This dissertation focuses on program representations of embedded applications, where execution speed can be traded for improved code size. We examine code compression methods which reduce program code size by using data compression techniques. The primary goal of this research is to demonstrate that compressed programs can still execute with a high level of performance. We present methods that greatly reduce the software decompression overhead and demonstrate that compressed multimedia applications execute with nearly the same performance as native programs.
PhD dissertation. The University of Michigan 2000, 212 страниц
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Ojala P. Pu-Crunch Простой компрессор: LZ77+гамма Элиаса. Теоретически сжатый файл умеет распаковываться :-)
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