VirtualDub MSU Deinterlacer

MSU Graphics & Media Lab (Video Group)

Authors: Dr. Dmitriy Vatolin, Alexander Petrov, Maxim Kolinichenko

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This filter is designed to convert interlaced video to progressive scan. Implemented algorithm interpolates missing visual information using frame motion. Special attention is paid to low-angle edges.

Filter menu

This filter has two checkbox parameters:

  • Bottom field first - determines field ordering. Uncheck this if video looks shaky after processing.
  • Double frame rate - determines frame rate. Check this if you want to double frame rate in comparison with interlaced source.

Deinterlacing algorithms comparison

Full version of comparison (PDF, 778 KB)

Some zoomed-in samples are shown below. Our algorithm is intended to minimize negative effects of deinterlacing like image smoothing and "combing".

old_town_cross MSU @ old_town_cross nnedi3 @ old_town_cross
Interlaced frame
MSU @ mobcal Smooth @ mobcal
Frame after processing
Detailed comparison

Our algorithm was compared with a set of free deinterlacers. The results of this comparison are shown below.

PSNR values
Progressive source was converted to interlaced scan and processed by different deinterlacers. The result of this processing was compared with a source video using PSNR metric. Absolute values of this metric are presented on the chart above. (An arrow points to "better")

Differential PSNR values
The differences between PSNR values of ELA algorithm and other deinterlacing algorithms are shown on this chart.

Speed/quality chart
This chart shows relations between speed and quality of different algorithms, where speed is (FPS/FPS_ELA)


  • Required VirtualDub version for this plugin is 1.9+
  • Unfortunately, this filter can't be used with Avisynt via LoadVirtualdubPlugin function. The reason is that some new functions of VirtualDub API are not supported by Avisynth vdf host.


Test sequences -


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