MSU Quality Measurement Tool: Why upgrade?

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Why upgrade?

VQMT features summary

VQMT features summary and speedup
VQMT input: HDR, 8K, image sequences of any format support
Input formatIntroduced in version

4k and 8k video confirmed support

Since VQMT 6.0

PNG, JPEG, EXR, TIFF, PSD and other image formats

Since VQMT 5.0
Extra depth

16-bit, 32-bit floating point TIFFs

Since VQMT 6.0
Image sequences

Using auto-detected image sequences with frame number placeholder

Since VQMT 5.0

H264, HEVC, MOV, MKV and other video formats

Native support since VQMT 4.0
VQMT output: JSON, vector plot, new visualization standards
Output formatIntroduced in version

Saving results in JSON format: metric values, used settings, mean values, information about VQMT. Single JSON file for all results. In console mode VQMT can output JSON directly to STDOUT in realtime.

In console since VQMT 6.2, in GUI since VQMT 9.0
Vector plot

Save result plot graph as vector image in SVG format. You can choose resolution, set of graphs and displayed elements.

Since VQMT 9.0
Customizable visualization

Saving metric visualization to video file with modern codecs or tiff sequence. You can choose setting preset suitable to your case

Better visualization label fonts, complete disabling lables in PRO version

Since VQMT 8.0
New way of using VQMT and analyzing results with new Result window
VQMT new result window features
Introduces in VQMT 9.0
Project management and modern interface
VQMT new main window features
Introduces in VQMT 10.0
Manage screens, compare video and visualization with new Preview window
VQMT new preview window features
Introduces in VQMT 8.0
Dramatical simplification of file opening with Wizard
  • Now you can customize file opening, choose setting to obtain correct results
  • Compare mode helps to selects the best settings for reading video
  • Completely new friendly way of RAW file opening
VQMT wizard features
Introduces in VQMT 5.0
User-friendly terminal

Since VQMT 5.0 console become much more friendly to user with clear diagnostic, flexibility and full compatibility to older versions (warnings for deprecated features)

FeatureConsole command
Turn on saving CSV VQMT 4.0: -sc 1
Modern VQMT: -csv or -csv yes
Use semicolon as CSV delimeter VQMT 4.0: -ct 1
Modern VQMT: -ct ;
Use SSIM on CUDA GPU VQMT 4.0: -metr ssim_cuda
Modern VQMT: ssim -dev cuda
Set raw file resolution 1080p VQMT 4.0: -yw 1920 -yh 1080
Modern VQMT: 1920x1080

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