Lossless Video Codecs Comparison ‘2007

MSU Graphics & Media Lab (Video Group)

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Project head: Dr. Dmitriy Vatolin
Testing, analysis: Iwan Seleznev
Verification: Dr. Maxim Smirnov

Tested codecs

  • Alpary
  • ArithYuv
  • AVIzlib
  • CamStudio GZIP
  • CorePNG
  • FastCodec
  • FFV1
  • Huffyuv
  • Lagarith
  • LOCO
  • LZO
  • MSU Lab
  • PICVideo
  • Snow
  • x264
  • YULS

  • Comparison Content

    The main goal of the performed comparison is getting answers on the following questions regarding lossless video codecs:
  • What codec or codecs are best for video capture and video editing applications?
  • What codec or codecs achieve the best compression ratio?
  • What advantages multithreading gives to modern codecs supporting it?
  • Only absolutely lossless codecs were examined in this comparison. Only progressive test video sequences were used.

    Main conclusions:

  • In Video Capture and Video Editing Area the overall clear winner is Lagarith.
  • In Maximum Compression area the overall winner is YULS.
  • The most balanced and flexible codec is FFV1: relatively good speed and high compression for various presets.
  • The comparison paper is 130 pages long and contains a lot of graphs to facilitate analysis like this one:


  • Lossless Codecs Comparison ‘2007 - PDF (1.71 Mb)
  • Lossless Codecs Comparison ‘2007 - ZIP (1.5 Mb)

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