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Two million filters and 400 thousand comparisons!
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Group Leader: Dr. Dmitriy Vatolin

We had next two anniversaries in 2008. There were 2 million downloads of both our filters and our programs. As a result, many students, ordinary users and researchers from various countries - e.g., USA, Germany, Italy, France, England, Poland and Australia (the list is far from complete) - send us their comments and suggestions.

It had taken us 4 years to gain the first million downloads, but we are gain another million in about 1.2 years. If the new generation of students will be quicker, then I think it can take even less (because new filters allow rapid increase of downloads).

So, we'll see what our young generation is capable of.

Another important borderline, which we overcame last December, is 400'000 of downloaded video codec comparisons. During these 5 years 12 codecs comparisons were published. These comparisons cover practically all promising contemporary codecs. Moreover, number of downloads were assessed on the basis of traffic and not on the basis of access, thus this figure really shows the amount of downloaded comparisons (the sum is more than half a terabyte).

The obvious leader is the annual comparison of H.264 codecs. The dynamics of public interest to this comparison are very curious: each time a new comparison is released, the amount of downloads for old comparisons increases as well (which is quite natural); however, downloads of new comparisons grow even more rapidly, which means that there is a great public interest in them.

The dynamics are the following:

  • The first-year comparison was downloaded 23.5 thousand times in 2.5 years
  • The second-year comparison was downloaded 30.5 thousand times in 1.5 years
  • The third one was downloaded 31.2 thousand times in 0.5 years

However, download frequence functions in each period are pretty uniform (which is a drawback of our advertising). For example, 24% of downloads of the second comparison were during the first third of its period, 36% - during the second, 30% - during the third part.

We have similar situation with comparisons of codecs without losses: during first 28 months there were 8 thousand downloads, however 7 thousand downloads of the new comparison were made in 4 months.

Of course we understand what we can do better (for example, sometimes quality level of student filters is not so perfect), but, to the best of our knowledge, we are the only university multimedia lab which publishes video filters not as a MATLAB code. Enjoy! :)

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