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Purchasing PRO version

VQMT is described in a video course developed by Jan OzerComputing and Using Video Quality Metrics: A Course for Encoding Professionals. As the name suggests, the course teaches encoding professionals how to integrate video quality metrics into their practice to optimize encoding configurations, develop their encoding ladders, and choose codecs and encoders.

The course costs $99.95 but Jan is offering a 50% off coupon to VQMT owners

If you are already our customer, you can get the latest version of VQMT PRO with support for one year with 50% off and VQMT PREMIUM with 25% off!
We also have a discout program for using in educational or scientific goals.

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Product Title Price Buy now
VQMT 14.1
VQMT Professional Version
Version 14.1, 1 year free updates.
Unlimited usage on a single computer of each license: under 1 Window and 1 Linux system.
Available platforms:
USD 299–999* per license Buy now
VQMT 14.1 Premium
VQMT Premium Version
Version 14.1 with unlimited licenses, 1 year free updates
Available platforms:
USD 3820* Buy now
Integrating VQMT with your own product: more...
Available platforms:
USD 19500 Buy now
* 1-year free updates, renewal for the 40% 1st year's full price

Please, don't hesitate to contact us in case of any question/problem. We are also open for feature requests


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