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Algorithm: Dr. Dmritriy Vatolin, Statanislav Soldatov, Konstantin Strelnikov
Implementation: Konstantin Strelnikov

Filter is intended for representation of moving object phases. It can be useful for sport teaching films building. Such films allow to accent attention on most important steps of motion.
It combines ideas of MSU Panorama and MSU ObjectRemover project. Filter works in two passes. On the first pass moving objects are detected. On the second pass motion phases of selected object are built. User can correct object detection maps to obtain best result.
The project work is in progress. Next follow experimental results of MSU Motion Phase.


Picture below demonstrates motion phases of car from Interstate 60 film.
example of motion phases
car motion phases

One more example of MSU Motion Phase on fragment from Matrix film.
example of motion phases
Neo motion phases


MSU Motion Phase example video (WMV, MB)

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