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VirtualDub MSU OldCinema Filter 2.0

MSU Graphics & Media Lab (Video Group)

Algorithm: Dr. Dmitriy Vatolin
Implementation: Vladimir Popov, Nikolai Trunichkin

This filter is intended to achieve an "Old cinema" effect. You can vary color correction algorithm and add various artifacts, so video looks like "chronicle".


Changes in version 2.0


Filter has simple and advanced settings:

¬нешний вид фильтра

Filter supports VirtualDub job control, so it is usable in AviSynth. Example:

LoadVirtualDubPlugin("..\VirtualDub\plugins\MSU Old cinema.vdf","Old_cinema", 0)
clip=AVISource("D:\work\video\film.avi", false, "RGB24")
return clip.ConvertToRGB32.Old_cinema(247, 223, 181, 0, 1, 10, 10, 15, 70, 3, 20, 5, 50, 150, 0, 1, 100)

Filter parameters

Parameters filter

Filter parameters:


Let's consider results of the filter on a test sequence "Foreman".

Frame from film
source frame from "Foreman"sequence
after Filter
after MSU Old Cinema, use "Yellow shift" color correction

The next example demonstrates the usage of the "Real old cinema" preset. Certainly, you can adjust the amount of noise, spot, scratches and other types of artifacts regardless of the preset as every film features its own adjustments.

sourse frame, from film Terminator-2
source frame from "Foreman" sequence
frame, after filter works
after filter MSU Old Cinema work
(preset "Real old cinema")

исходный кадр из фильма
source frame from "Flower" sequence
кадр, обработанный MSU Old cinema
after filter MSU Old Cinema work
(preset "Real old cinema")


For common questions about filter's work please contact us
For commercial license of this filter (commercial usage is not free) please contact us сontact email

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