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Project, Ideas: Dr. Dmitriy Vatolin
Implementation: Alexey Noskov
Updating and additions: Sergey Grishin

Common description

DFM is made to calculate number of drop-frames in sequence.

Change Log

[!] - Known bug
[+] - New Feature
[*] - Other

Version 1.1
[*] Visualization bug fixed for non-stadard resolution video

Version 1.0
[+] First plugin release


Metric's visualization difference of Y-planes between two consecutive frames + 128. So, grey color (128, 128, 128) means that brigtness of a pixel is the same as at the previous frame.

Visualization example
Visualization example


Metric's plot is making after all measurements. "Zero" value means that current frame exist, "one" - that it is dropped. The resulting metric's value is number of drop-frames.

Plot's example
Plot's example


For each frame difference with the previous one is calculating. Metric's value is 1 if frames are identical, 0 otherwise.


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