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HEVC/AV1 Video Codecs Comparison 2019

Fourteen Annual Video-Codecs Comparison by MSU

Video group head: Dr. Dmitriy Vatolin
Project head: Dr. Dmitriy Kulikov
Measurements, analysis: Dr. Mikhail Erofeev,
Anastasia Antsiferova,
Sergey Zvezdakov,
Denis Kondranin



African Village
A part of a music clip with red sparkles, grain and double exposure effects.
FullHD, 24 fps, 160.26 Mbps
Tags: noisy, music clip, grain effects, black borders, flash exposure, double exposure, hand/head-mounted camera, not stabilized
Airport Interview
Different people give interviews at the airport.
FullHD, 23 fps, 102.23 Mbps
Tags: amateur capturing, interview
Animation Clip
2D animation advertising clip drawn in bright colors.
FullHD, 29 fps, 104.58 Mbps
Tags: tv ads, animation
Ariadnes Thread
A woman is dancing then another woman appears. Objects are highly textured and video contains flickering effects.
FullHD, 29 fps, 209.05 Mbps
Tags: noisy, cg effects
Bad Sleep
A man sees a dream of a conversation with a girl, then wakes up in his room. A moment with a dream contains grain effect.
FullHD, 23 fps, 98.75 Mbps
Tags: noisy, static camera
A clip about preparation for the wedding contains scenes of a party with a fiance and morning makeup for fiancee.
4K, 24 fps, 126.41 Mbps
Tags: studio capturing, black borders, macro
People in Brazilian carnival costumes walk on the street. A clip is filmed with a handheld camera, contains bright-coloured of costumes and colour effects.
FullHD, 23 fps, 78.33 Mbps
Tags: hand/head-mounted camera, cg effects, natural lighting
Shortchanging scenes of people, children and animals acting on different carpets. Filmed from one angle.
FullHD, 25 fps, 105.48 Mbps
Tags: tv ads, natural lighting
A single view of the Tower of London, filmed with a handheld camera.
4K, 23 fps, 91.87 Mbps
Tags: hand/head-mounted camera, not stabilized, amateur capturing, natural lighting
Cg Figures
The camera moves through rendered water drops and other plain geometric figures in a space.
FullHD, 30 fps, 244.26 Mbps
Tags: cg effects, noisy
Cherry Up
Two women pose on the camera in different clothes. Filmed outside with bright sun, a promo contains short close-up and general views.
FullHD, 29 fps, 107.41 Mbps
Tags: tv ads, natural lighting, not stabilized, slow motion
Christmas Cats
Concert record with superimposed complicated translucent CG effects.
FullHD, 25 fps, 182.23 Mbps
Tags: noisy, dark, cg effects, tv ads, flash exposure, hand/head-mounted camera
4K, 23 fps, 220.37 Mbps
Tags: macro, studio capturing, tv ads, static camera
City Panorama
View of a city filmed from a moving drone in sunny weather.
FullHD, 24 fps, 108.13 Mbps
Tags: aero shooting, natural lighting
City Walk
Day and night views of city streets and roads with the operator's feet in the frame. Shot from a hand-held camera.
FullHD, 25 fps, 58.74 Mbps
Tags: hand/head-mounted camera, dark, natural lighting
Colliers Wood
FullHD, 25 fps, 174.92 Mbps
Tags: tv ads, animation
Controlled Burn
A house in the steppe burnes under the control of firefighters.
FullHD, 29 fps, 948.27 Mbps
Tags: natural lighting
Cookie Jam
Bright-colored animated promo of a mobile game representing gameplay. Contains close-ups and sparkled effects.
FullHD, 29 fps, 130.41 Mbps
Tags: animation, tv ads
Craft Beer
A static scene in a bar, a man sits at the bar desk and talks to the camera.
FullHD, 25 fps, 109.24 Mbps
Tags: dark, static camera, interview
Crazy Bar
Friends drink in a bar, then a concert with horses on the stage starts. Close-ups change with general plans of a crowd on a concert with flashes of light.
FullHD, 25 fps, 72.63 Mbps
Tags: dark, tv ads, flash exposure
Creek Kooler
A man ads floating cooler in a studio with another man, and interviews a woman in studio with chroma key. The video contains scenes with a demonstration of a cooler in a river.
FullHD, 29 fps, 132.98 Mbps
Tags: double exposure, interview, studio capturing, aero shooting, natural lighting, not stabilized
Crowd Run
A crowd of sportsmen run while the camera slowly moves left and right.
FullHD, 50 fps, 1186.52 Mbps
Tags: aero shooting
Dancing Party
Bride dance on a stage with bridesmaids and guests dance in a hall. The video contains scenes with a man in a lighting costume a lot of flashes from lights.
4K, 23 fps, 201.13 Mbps
Tags: dark, flash exposure
Dancing People
People are dancing in the hall, the bride throws a bouquet. Professional wedding videography.
4K, 24 fps, 126.41 Mbps
Tags: studio capturing, hand/head-mounted camera
FullHD, 23 fps, 110.89 Mbps
Tags: film, static camera, black borders
Dj Show
A concert with very bright flickering spotlights filmed in black and white colors. Scenes with a DJ on the stage and people standing under the stage and filming a concert.
FullHD, 60 fps, 390.97 Mbps
Tags: dark, grain effects, flash exposure, black and white, noisy
Scenes of different activities (boating, outdoor games, concerts, barbecue) on a festival.
FullHD, 25 fps, 126.89 Mbps
Tags: grain effects, hand/head-mounted camera, natural lighting
Field Milton Academy
View on a town and football fields captured from a drone on a sunny day.
4K, 29 fps, 553.63 Mbps
Tags: aero shooting, natural lighting
Scenes from a disaster movie filmed in the evening city. Men fight in a lane, a crowd run from crashing buildings.
FullHD, 23 fps, 105.22 Mbps
Tags: film, dark, cg effects, hand/head-mounted camera
Film Promo
A trailer of a military film shot in winter. Contains scenes with warriors in a snowy forest and village, burning guns and people inside the houses.
FullHD, 25 fps, 180.48 Mbps
Tags: film, noisy, tv ads, black borders, flash exposure
Final Cut Lesson
A short video captured from the screen with the interface of a video editing program.
FullHD, 25 fps, 181.05 Mbps
Tags: screen capturing, cg effects
First Things First
A promo of a talk show, two men and a woman are talking in the table in a studio. Scenes change with a storyboard effect.
FullHD, 29 fps, 138.17 Mbps
Tags: cg effects, tv ads, studio capturing
Flower Shop
A man and a woman arrange potted flowers in an open greenhouse.
FullHD, 25 fps, 211.25 Mbps
Tags: not stabilized
Glass Production
General view of a workshop and a man working with an oven.
FullHD, 29 fps, 202.79 Mbps
Tags: hand/head-mounted camera
Golden Bear
Promo of a sports team, girls from a support group are dancing and a bear talisman and orchestra are walking in a sports hall in front of other students.
FullHD, 29 fps, 108.14 Mbps
Tags: natural lighting, amateur capturing, hand/head-mounted camera
View of many students in purple mantles, a president's speech and people rewarding on stage.
FullHD, 29 fps, 129.40 Mbps
Tags: amateur capturing, natural lighting
Greesncreen Talks
Scenes filmed with a chroma key of people on a different background.
FullHD, 23 fps, 157.59 Mbps
Tags: amateur capturing, cg effects, static camera
Screen-captured process of GTA 5 gaming.
FullHD, 60 fps, 1423.83 Mbps
Tags: screen capturing, animation
Guitar Show
A man is playing the guitar and singing on a stage in a dark hall.
FullHD, 23 fps, 85.06 Mbps
Tags: dark, flash exposure
Gun Stuff
A promo of a TV channel followed by an interview in a studio.
FullHD, 29 fps, 135.96 Mbps
Tags: tv ads, cg effects, interview
Gun Stuff Promo
Dynamic slides from a presentation with black background followed by an interview on an expo.
FullHD, 29 fps, 128.13 Mbps
Tags: tv ads, dark, interview
A man is praying and singing on the street. A part of a music clip with double exposure effects.
FullHD, 30 fps, 84.88 Mbps
Tags: music clip, double exposure, studio capturing
Historic Mansion
Scenes with men firing from a gun, food from a field kitchen and an interview of a woman.
FullHD, 29 fps, 202.11 Mbps
Tags: interview, hand/head-mounted camera, natural lighting
Hotel Adword
View of different rooms in a house standing on the seashore (from a balcony, bedroom, sports room, etc.) followed by a general view of the house taken from the drone.
FullHD, 29 fps, 72.36 Mbps
Tags: aero shooting, tv ads
The camera flies through CG buildings and statues, then video shows a picture of man with CG title on it.
FullHD, 25 fps, 262.64 Mbps
Tags: noisy, grain effects, black and white
Interactive Newspaper
The camera moves through newspaper articles with different videos inserted inside articles pictures.
FullHD, 25 fps, 246.15 Mbps
Tags: cg effects, interview
Interview At The Expo
A man takes an interview with two other men inside the expo hall.
FullHD, 23 fps, 104.95 Mbps
Tags: interview
Italy History
Views of a city, fields and trees, and a map of a journey. A video contains grain effect and subtitles.
FullHD, 24 fps, 167.11 Mbps
Tags: black borders, grain effects, double exposure, cgi effects, macro
Judy Trailer
Very noisy video with women talking on a stage.
FullHD, 23 fps, 144.31 Mbps
Tags: grain effects, black borders, noisy
Kayak Trip
Different people kayak in the sea and lakes. Filmed from a drone, a kayak, and from under water.
4K, 60 fps, 117.18 Mbps
Tags: tv ads, double exposure, aero shooting
Keeping Warm
Stop-motion clip with a girl walking in a town and taking photos.
FullHD, 30 fps, 186.49 Mbps
Tags: black borders
Kobe Bryant
Promo video of sneakers with a lot of CG-effects filmed in black and red colors.
FullHD, 25 fps, 100.78 Mbps
Tags: cg effects, dark
Laser Cutter
A man is working on the laser cutting machine, contains a scene of closely-captured cutting process.
FullHD, 23 fps, 154.09 Mbps
Tags: macro, dark, cg effects
Love Story
Slide show of videos and photographs of a man and a woman walking on nature.
FullHD, 50 fps, 208.98 Mbps
Tags: double exposure, black borders
Magazine Advertisement
Scenes with changing magazine pages and people sharing a magazine in a car wash and pizzeria.
FullHD, 59 fps, 379.25 Mbps
Tags: tv ads, cg effects, aero shooting
Making Alcohol
People watching after the boiler at the stake in different weather in tropics.
FullHD, 23 fps, 95.26 Mbps
Tags: hand/head-mounted camera
Manhattan Bridge Views
Views of Manhattan bridge shot from a drone in sunny weather.
FullHD, 23 fps, 99.83 Mbps
Tags: aero shooting
Scenes with a woman posing while sitting on the hood and a man singing and dancing.
FullHD, 25 fps, 106.70 Mbps
Tags: flash exposure, music clip
Music Clip
A clip showing city views and couples; exhibits grain effect, red sparks between changing scenes and superimposed text. A black screen appears n the beginning.
FullHD, 23 fps, 164.78 Mbps
Tags: flash exposure, music clip, noisy, cg effects
Music Fantasy
Scenes with a couple in a park and a man playing guitar and drums. Contains CG effects for scenes with a band playing musical instruments.
FullHD, 25 fps, 106.62 Mbps
Tags: music clip, cg effects, flash exposure, dark
A woman is walking on the house full of plants searching for something and gathering photography.
4K, 25 fps, 64.56 Mbps
Tags: black borders, film, hand/head-mounted camera
New York Bakery
Views of dawn in a city, an old woman in a bakery serving the visitors.
FullHD, 25 fps, 179.32 Mbps
Tags: grain effects
Scenes with a man giving an interview in an expo hall and views of an office and reporters at work.
FullHD, 30 fps, 102.20 Mbps
Tags: interview
Night Pursuit
A woman runs through a city street at night and walks in a forest in the dawn.
FullHD, 23 fps, 159.90 Mbps
Tags: dark, noisy, hand/head-mounted camera
Nina Music Video
A man is dancing on a red carpet in a white hall. Filmed from different angles and contains a grain effect.
FullHD, 24 fps, 160.26 Mbps
Tags: black borders, noisy, grain effects, music clip
Nurse Interview
An interview with a nurse with CG text on a screen.
4K, 60 fps, 110.89 Mbps
Tags: interview
Off The Wall
Scenes with computer graphics painted on real walls on the streets.
FullHD, 25 fps, 157.73 Mbps
Tags: cg effects, hand/head-mounted camera
Old Message
A scared man is writing a message with a pen on a paper, between some pictures are shown. There are flickering effects.
FullHD, 24 fps, 150.94 Mbps
Tags: black and white, noisy, macro
Oman Museum
A woman is staying, prepares some food and then reads Braille. Static scenes with smooth fading transitions.
FullHD, 25 fps, 66.48 Mbps
Tags: macro, double exposure
Pebble Beach
Scenes near and inside a nice house with palm trees outside.
FullHD, 24 fps, 109.52 Mbps
Tags: aero shooting, double exposure, grain effects
Pet Photography
A woman is sitting with a dog on a chair and giving an interview.
FullHD, 29 fps, 199.26 Mbps
Tags: hand/head-mounted camera
Preparation For The Celebration
A woman applies a makeup, a man straightens his tie and laces up his shoes.
4K, 23 fps, 243.57 Mbps
Tags: macro, studio capturing
An amimated animal creature is shown through a CG prism.
FullHD, 29 fps, 333.64 Mbps
Tags: animation, cg effects, flash exposure
Interview with a professor from a public and international affairs school, some scenes from it with him.
FullHD, 23 fps, 165.41 Mbps
Tags: interview
A woman is talking with her psychotherapist. Then a wall clock is shown.
FullHD, 25 fps, 230.58 Mbps
Tags: dark, black borders, hand/head-mounted camera, flash exposure
A promo video of a rugby championship with CG effects.
FullHD, 59 fps, 193.57 Mbps
Tags: grain effects, noisy, cg effects, tv ads
A recording of playing a video game Rust.
FullHD, 60 fps, 1423.83 Mbps
Tags: animation, screen capturing, cg effects
Sad Day
A man plays guitar and then he walks in the rain.
4K, 23 fps, 92.23 Mbps
Tags: dark, hand/head-mounted camera, music clip
School Promo Video
A promo video of a religious school. Children are shown to come in it and pray.
4K, 23 fps, 91.57 Mbps
Tags: black borders, natural lighting
Sea Sunrise
Two scenes, the first shows a sea, the second — sunrise.
FullHD, 25 fps, 175.00 Mbps
Tags: static camera
Simple Animation
A CG animation of a woman sitting on a couch.
FullHD, 24 fps, 143.77 Mbps
Tags: animation, static camera
Skiing Learning
People are being trained to ski in slow motion.
FullHD, 23 fps, 107.59 Mbps
Tags: double exposure, hand/head-mounted camera
Slow Motion Clip
A woman is walking in a building in slow motion.
4K, 23 fps, 273.05 Mbps
Tags: black borders, dark, slow motion
Snow Mnt
Panoramas of snow mountains and trees.
FullHD, 29 fps, 948.27 Mbps
Tags: static camera, double exposure
Sports Team
A sports team before and during an important competition. There are some CG effects, double exposure.
FullHD, 25 fps, 103.38 Mbps
Tags: dark, black borders, cg effects, noisy
Street Show
Two men sing, dance and show some acrobatics on a street.
4K, 23 fps, 108.40 Mbps
Tags: aero shooting, flash exposure
People are surfing on an ocean, also there are houses captured by the drone camera.
4K, 29 fps, 220.71 Mbps
Tags: black borders, aero shooting, natural lighting
Terry Cage
People are resting near a house, one man is talking on his phone.
FullHD, 23 fps, 100.28 Mbps
Tags: noisy
Theater Show
An advertisement of a theater show. There are people on the scene, then a picture with the announcement.
FullHD, 25 fps, 86.40 Mbps
Tags: dark, flash exposure, hand/head-mounted camera
A tractor rides across a field. The camera zooms in, then zooms out.
FullHD, 25 fps, 593.26 Mbps
Tags: natural lighting
A live recording from a concert of a musical group.
FullHD, 29 fps, 122.83 Mbps
Tags: hand/head-mounted camera
Video In Video
A clip of some artist in a beige jacket who sings near the wall with video-in-video effects.
4K, 23 fps, 95.17 Mbps
Tags: music clip, cg effects, black borders
Walk With Children
Two children with their mother walk in a quiet area of a city.
FullHD, 29 fps, 137.26 Mbps
Tags: hand/head-mounted camera
Wedding Party
A party after a wedding, many guests dance in a dark club.
4K, 23 fps, 161.08 Mbps
Tags: dark, flash exposure
Wedding Walk
The video shows a newlywed couple, a restaurant in which the celebration takes place, and walk of lovers.
4K, 24 fps, 123.96 Mbps
Tags: aero shooting, macro, noisy, slow motion
Will And Hannah
A couple of people that at first walk, then sit on the couch and talk about something.
FullHD, 29 fps, 133.49 Mbps
Tags: noisy, interview, dark, hand/head-mounted camera
Work Under The Microscope
A man makes crafts in an eye of a needle looking through a microscope.
FullHD, 25 fps, 174.87 Mbps
Tags: noisy, grain effects, macro, tv ads
A trailer about a life of a Japanese girl, there are CG effects.
FullHD, 25 fps, 112.92 Mbps
Tags: black borders, tv ads, cg effects
Zombie Apocalypse
An advertisement in which a report about the onset of the zombie apocalypse is shown on TV.
FullHD, 59 fps, 187.99 Mbps
Tags: noisy, tv ads, cg effects
Zulu International
Party at the Zulu International festival with CG effects.
FullHD, 23 fps, 78.33 Mbps
Tags: cg effects, tv ads


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