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MSU Video Quality Measurement Tool: Manual

MSU Graphics & Media Lab (Video Group)

Settings & Screenshots

Main Settings

Main window MSU Video Quality Measurement Tool: Main Window

  1. File selection
    1. Original file - original video file. Other files will be compared with it.
    2. Processed (compressed) – processed (compressed) file, which will be compared with original. The folder containing this file is automatically set as output folder for *.csv and visualization files (can be edited by "Advanced" button in "Output selection" section).
    3. Comparative analysis – allows to compare two files with one original in one pass (for example compressed by different codecs).
    4. Second processed (another codec) – second processed file for comparative analysis. The folder containing this file is automatically set as output folder for *.csv and visualization files (if it is not equal to folder containing first processed file then the last specified folder is used as output folder).
    5. Use mask file – enables masking. Please read FAQ for more information.
    6. Use black mask – black areas of a given mask file are the areas that should be masked.
    7. Open with AviSynth – the program tries to generate appropriate AviSynth script and open the file using the script. The checkbox is enabled only when AviSynth is installed on computer. User can control script generation using Advanced button. More information about it can be found in AviSynth support paragraph.
    8. Preview – use Preview buttons to preview selected files contents.
    Supported formats: Note: HDTV resolution is only supported in PRO version.
  2. Metric selection
  3. All required information can be found in Metrics Information page.
  4. Output Selection
    1. Save CSV file – export results to CSV file
    2. Save metric visualization video / image – export visualization for selected metric as video file
    3. Save bad frames – automatically select and save frames with maximum difference between original and processed files (or between two processed ones in comparative analysis mode)
  5. Show results visualization
  6. If checked, dialog with visualization of the results is shown after measurement.

Advanced Settings

Advanced file settings

Advanced file settings
  1. RGB↔YUV matrix
    1. REC.601 This matrix is default for AviSynth. Y: [16...235]; U, V: [16...240] (or [-112...112])
    2. PC.601 This matrix was used in the previous version of the program. Y: [0...255]; U, V: [-128...128] (or [0...255])
      Information about color-planes transform matrixes
Advanced CSV & visualization Advanced CSV & visualization

Save CSV file / Save metric visualization video / image – Advanced
  1. CSV Settings
    1. Output dir – directory for CSV files
    2. Name generation – method for generating names of CSV files
      • Prefix – <metric_name>_<video_name>.csv
      • Postfix – <video_name>_<metric_name>.csv
      • Custom – specified by user
    3. CSV Type – separator in CSV file (";" or ",")
    4. Create CSV in Unicode – save CSV in Unicode instead of ASCII
  2. Visualization settings
    1. Name generation – method for generating names of visualization files
      • Prefix – <metric_name>_<video_name>.avi(bmp)
      • Postfix – <video_name>_<metric_name>.avi(bmp)
    2. Output dir – output directory for AVI (BMP) files
  3. Caption options
    1. Position – position of the caption in the frame
    2. Print metric value – print value of metric in output video
    3. Print frame number – print frame number in output video
Advanced Save bad frames settings Advanced Save bad frames settings

Save bad frames – Advanced
  1. Bad frames settings
    1. With maximum difference between original & processed – when comparing one processed file with the original, frames with maximum difference will be saved.
    2. With maximum difference between first processed and second processed / With maximum difference, where metric for first is greater than for second / With maximum difference, where metric for second is greater than for first – in comparative analysis mode save frames, where differece between two frames is maximum / with maximum difference, where metric for first is greater than for second / with maximum difference, where metric for second is greater than for first.
    3. Count out radius – if this radius is not equal to 0, the bad frames will be saved only if the distance (in the film) between any bad frames is greater, than this value. This feature is very useful, when one codec processes whole scene worse, than second. Only one frame from this scene will be saved and you can also get bad frames from another scenes.
    4. Output dir – directory for saving bad frames bad_frames. Name generation mask: <video_name>_fr<frame_number>.bmp
More options

More options

  1. WAV file
    1. Play WAV file, when finished – select WAV file, which will be played after measurement

Visualization Metrics Information

Comparison visualization

Top plot shows metric values for the whole sequence, the bottom one shows chosen part of it.

  1. Video Slide – select fragment to zoom to
  2. Show grid – show or hide grid
  3. Controls – shift between frames, zoom in or zoom out, copy plot to clipboard. Most of the buttons can be held down to perform operation faster. Copy button copies to clipboard the bottom plot and its legend
  4. Show frame – show a separate window with the current frame allowing comparison between the sequences

Visualization Frames of Sequences

Frames comparison

Preview window

Preview window

Open Wizard

Open Wizard main page Open Wizard main page

Opening Wizard Main page allows you to select:

Note: You cannot select all opening settings using this window. Some settings, such as RAW file width and height and AviSynth command line, must be set in the following pages.

You can select file using one of the following ways:

When the selected file is image and there are other image files that can make a sequence with selected file in the same folder, image sequence selection dialog is displayed. Read more about using image sequences in Image Sequences section.

In the Open with: dropdown list you can select opening mode. Leave default value (Auto) if you want VQMT to automatically select one of modes that can open this file if possible. Select another mode, if you want to customize opening. There is also special value Multiopen that allows you to open video files with all available modes and visually compare results. Use Multiopen if you do not know what open mode is best for opening video file.

Using this page, you can select index file setting, as described in VQMT help.

After all settings are entered, press Next button to go to the next page, which can be Preview Page or RAW Page. RAW Page is opened when you select YUV raw file opening mode or if you selected Auto opening mode and VQMT recognized file as RAW. In the other cases Preview Page is opened


AviSynth Support

Cited from "AviSynth is a powerful tool for video post-production. It provides ways of editing and processing videos. AviSynth works as a frameserver, providing instant editing without the need for temporary files."

Avisynth generation parameters. AviSynth script generation settings window

To increase the number of the file types, supported by MSU VQMT application, autogenerated AviSynth scripts were implemented. AviSynth script generation settings window is designed to allow control of application's script generation by advanced users. The feature of autogenerated AviSynth scripts can be used only if the AviSynth is installed on the computer.

MSU VQMT uses the next filters in its scripts:

If the user does not set any special settings the application will try to open the file by running over all the filters, beginning with the preferred one. Selection of preferred filter is based on the file extension.
User can set:



MSU Video Quality Measurement Tools

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