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Projects, ideas: Dr. Dmitriy Vatolin
Implementation: Denis Sumin, Alexey Fedorov


The 3D devices become available to a large number of people over the past few years. The 3D technology gets more and more distributed and advertised. But still there are many problems for producer and advertisers. One of the problems with viewing high-quality 3D video is the problem with display devices (because even the best image can become a nightmare for a viewer if it is demonstrated on poor equipment)

Example problem

The example of the display problem. Stereo system, consisting of two projectors. The problem with one of the lamps.

Most of the 3D devices can not provide comfortable and high-quality displaying, and thus can both harm human health (cause eye fatigue, headaches, etc) and influence public opinion on the whole 3D video area. However, some problem of bad displaying can be diagnosed and corrected, thus making viewing more comfortable. The producer often do not fully provide the end user with information about the technical characteristics and real capabilities of their devices.

The goal and the tasks

The main goal:

  • Make the world a little better by separating good 3D device from the bad!

The tasks:

  • Determination of the possible equipment defects
  • Determination of the optimal equipment settings
  • Construction of the maps of comfort perception 3D-video (the maps which show the image quality in different positions relative to the screen)
  • The creation of the public database consisting of tested devices in order to give everyone an opportunity to compare the quality of different devices and to make well-considered decision.

How test works?

Prepared the test images system, which allows to determine many important characteristics of 3D device.

Test image

Checking the characteristics of the equipment is as follows:

  1. The test images are displaying on the tested equipment

    Stereo system with two projectors Nine views autostereoscopic display

  2. Taking pictures of the images obtained using the 3D device

    Shooting_1 Shooting_2

  3. Computing the charactiristics of the test equipment by means of the computer vision

    Example of the shoot test image 1 Example of the shoot test image 2

  4. The results are entering into the database

    The map of comfortable perception

As a result — the world have become a little better!

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