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MSU Cloud Benchmark 2020

Video Transcoding Cloud Services Comparison
conducted by Moscow State University Graphics&Media Lab Video Group

Find the best encoding service for your task

Video group head: Dr. Dmitriy Vatolin
Project head: Dr. Dmitriy Kulikov
Measurements, analysis: Dr. Mikhail Erofeev,
Egor Sklyarov,
Anastasia Antsiferova

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We perform independent comparison of cloud-based video-encoding services. This kind of encoding tools is quickly gaining popularity and selecting one for your tasks is quite difficult. In our experience, encoding performance may entirely differ from service to service. The results of our previous comparison showed that in the case of cloud services that provide the same quality, the file-size difference can reach 100% and the cost per minute difference is 700%.

Comparison main points

Comparison Stages

1. Application
February, 18 - March, 18
Application for participation is open for all cloud encoding services and users!

Use the form to tell us which services you want to see in this comparison

2. Measurements We encode comparison videos in each service and measure encoding performance

3. Verification We conduct independent cross-checking of obtained results. You can become a contributor and validate comparison results. If you have an account in any of cloud encoding services, we will provide test sequences and pay for encoding time which needed for measurements

4. Release PDF and HTML reports are published on this page. There will be two versions (free and enterprise). All contributors will receive full (enterprise) report

List of services to be compared

Cloud Encoding Service Supported standards
1 Alibaba H.264, HEVC
2 Amazon Elastic Transcoder H.264
3 AWS Elemental MediaConvert H.264, HEVC
4 Coconut H.264, HEVC
5 Qencode H.264, HEVC
6 Zencoder H.264, HEVC
7 Which cloud encoding services you want to see in the comparison?

We plan to add other services to the comparison (use the form above if you have any suggestions).

We are looking for people who have an account in any cloud encoding services and able to use it for verificating encoding results. If you want to participate in our comparison, contact us using this form or via

Download previous report

Video Transcoding Clouds Comparison 2019
Download free full version

  • 6 cloud encoding services
    Alibaba, Amazon Elastic Transcoder, AWS Elemental MediaConvert, Coconut, Qencode, Zencoder
  • 4 FullHD video sequences
    epson, fountains, hawk and hockey from Vimeo website
  • Three resolutions
    FullHD, HD, SD
  • Three encoding use cases (presets)
    Encoding with similar options, default options of tested services and with tuned options for our test videos
  • HTML and PDF documents
    118 interactive charts and 33 pages

Take part in cloud video-encoding services comparison

We ask users of cloud encoding/transcoding services to take part in this comparison by encoding several videos to compare the results with our mesurements. Approximate timeline of verification measuremets for contributors:

  1. We send you several videos for encoding
  2. You send us compressed video streams
  3. We analyse the results and prepare a report
  4. You receive enterprise version of the report

If you have an account in any cloud encoding service and want contact us usint the form below. We are ready to compensate the cost of encoding.

Contact Information
in cooperation
Lomonosov MSU
Graphics & Media Lab
(Video Group)
Dubna State University
Institute for Information
Transmission Problems RAS

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